Video Library

Here you can view a variety of Videos that will help provide additional information about our services.

  • Our Philosophy

    Learn about Botox, fillers, skin resurfacing, Coolsculpting and noninvasive skin tightening treatments!

  • Aging Gracefully

    Dr.J keeps faces fresh with injectable fillers and Botox...

  • How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for You.

    Learn what makes Dr. Horowitz unique in a crowded field of cosmetic surgeons.

  • Natural-Appearing Facial Rejuvenation

    Discover how Dr. J combines modalities to produce beautiful and natural results.

  • Our Philosophy

    Dr. J talks about how our modern approach produces beautiful results and happy patients!

  • 3-D Simulation

    Our office uses 3-D technology to give patients a preview of their results before the surgery itself!  This service is especially valuable for choosing breast implants along with Dr. Horowitz, but also works great for facial and body contouring procedures.

  • AdobeStock_225081708-01

    Botox and Injectable Fillers with Dr. J Webinar.