Massive Weight Loss

Dr. Horowitz recognizes that patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or diet, represent a distinct subgroup that have unique concerns in regards to body contouring surgery.

Typically, massive weight loss patients have a significant amount of inelastic skin associated with relatively little fat. This has significant technical implications for body contouring surgery. In addition, there are several medical issues in patients who have had bariatric surgery, including possible vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition and anemia.

Dr. Horowitz is well versed in the most modern variations of body contouring procedures tailored to the unique concerns of the massive weight loss patient. The latest thinking in body contouring surgery in these patients recognizes that along with massive weight loss also comes the loss of desired fullness in certain areas, including the breasts and buttocks. Dr. Horowitz uses state-of-the art techniques to use excess tissue to the back and flanks to restore fullness to the breasts and buttocks, respectively. This approach allows Dr. Horowitz to augment the breast and buttocks without the use of breast implants. These techniques illustrate the essence of plastic surgery; undesirable tissue is removed, but rather than simply discarded, it is used to create a desirable effect.

Another common modification of standard technique is the “Fleur-de-lis” abdominoplasty, which eliminates loose skin from the upper and lower abdomen. This procedure is well suited to this subgroup of patients because it removes excess skin from the upper abdomen that would otherwise be left behind after a standard tummy tuck.

In general, Dr. Horowitz recommends that patients be at least one year out from their weight loss surgery and that their weight be stable for at least three months prior to considering body contouring surgery.

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