Breast Augmentation Revision

What do I do if it feels like one of my breast implants is leaking? First of all, call your plastic surgeon, Dr. Horowitz right away. A ruptured or deflated saline implant poses no immediate health risk, but it will certainly look different from your other breast. Although there is no clear evidence that a leaking silicone implant is dangerous, the general recommendation is to remove silicone implants that have ruptured. Proper diagnosis of a failed silicone breast implant may require an MRI.

What is the cost of the Breast Augmentation Revision?

Depending on the age of the implants, they may be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, which can help to cover the replacement cost.

Is Breast Implant Deflation a common occurrence?

Implant deflation is not common, especially with the newest generation of implants that are in use today. Modern implants have a thicker shell compared with older implants, so the rate of implant rupture is much lower. When rupture does happen, several factors may be responsible. In some cases, problems occur because the implant is not filled to the manufacturer’s specified range. In others, failure may be caused by “texturing,” which results in excess wrinkling and premature wear. The implant may rupture in response to significant trauma. For some who experience breast implant deflation, the cause may be as innocent as regular wear and tear over time.

How is Implant Replacement performed?

In the event of implant failure, safe removal and replacement can be achieved in a surgical procedure similar to the original breast augmentation. Usually, the same breast augmentation incision is used to approach the deflated implant.

If desired by the patient, the ruptured implant can be removed and not replaced, but additional surgery may be required to improve the breast’s shape, such as a breast lift.

How long does it take to recover from Breast Implant exchange?

Recovery from breast implant exchange surgery is usually easier than the original surgery, since the pectoralis muscle has already been elevated.