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Scared of Duck Lip? We've Got You Covered.

[fa icon="calendar"] March 4, 2019 / by Dr.J

Are your thin lips getting you down?  But you're scared of looking overdone?  Read on about our approach to lip augmentation.

How Can I Augment My Lips?

Lips can me made larger with either injection of a dermal filler or with permanent lip implants.  

Lip injections 

  • Pros - Can be done under just topical anesthesia in the office.  The lips can be shaped by injection into the bulk of the lip, by accenting the lip border or by accenting the cupids bow (or all three).  Recovery time is minimal.
  • Cons - Fillers typically last only 3-4 months.

Lip Implants

  • Pros - The results are permanent.
  • Cons - Insertion can be done in the office but requires dental block anesthesia.  The recovery is more lengthy compared to lip injections.  There is less ability to shape the lip with implants compared to lip injections.

What if I'm Scared of Looking Overdone?

We use Crisalix imaging software to show you what your results from either lip injections or implants will look like before the actual procedure.  The image below is an example of simulated before and after results of a prospective patient.



Financially Speaking

Juvederm Injection Lip Augmentation - Typically a total of one syringe is used for both upper and lower lips.  $750/syr.

Permanent Lip Implants - Upper and Lower lip implants typically recommended.  $2,250/2 implants.


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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.