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I got Botox and I can't move my face (and other common myths).

[fa icon="calendar"] January 12, 2016 / by Dr.J

Ah, the marvel that is the Internet.  A wealth of information at your fingertips.  Unfortunately, anybody can post on the web and that anybody is not always an expert in Cosmetic Surgery and Injectables.  Let's debunk the 5 most common myths about Botox.



1. You won't look frozen or weird..  

This is probably the most common misconception about Botox.  Yes, Botox weakens muscles that are responsible for certain facial wrinkles, but, in the right hands, it won't make you look unnatural.

2. You won't get Botulism.

Yes, Botox is the same substance that causes Botulism but because we use it in such minute doses and in specific areas, it will not cause Botulism.

3. Botox isn't right for every wrinkle.

Not all facial lines are caused by muscular contraction, so Botox isn't right for every wrinkle.  We use every modality available - injectable fillers, laser skin resurfacing and surgery to combat the wrinkles that aren't helped with Botox.

4.  Botox doesn't hurt that much.

It's not painless, but we call out all the stops to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.  That means we use the smallest possible needles, topical freezing spray and topical vibration to ensure patients have a pleasant experience.

5. You don't have to keep doing it.

Botox lasts three months on average.  Once patients see how much better they can look, most will want to keep doing it.  Having said that, patients are not obligated to keep getting Botox injections.  There are no adverse effects of discontinuing treatment.

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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.