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Help for under-eye dark circles

[fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2014 / by Dr.J

If you’re frustrated with the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common complaints heard in any Plastic Surgeon’s office. Although these can be notoriously difficult to treat, here are some reasons why dark circles develop and how they can be treated:

1.Lower eyelid puffiness

- The eyeball is normally cushioned from the surrounding bony socket by fat. With age, or determined by genetics, this fat can bulge forward, creating lower eyelid puffiness or "bags". The prominent eyelid can cast a shadow along the orbital rim, creating a dark appearance. This is treated surgically by carefully removing the excess fat and blending the eyelid-cheek junction by grafting the fat into this location.

For patients not ready for surgery, the fat grafts can be replaced with injectable filler, done right in the office.

2.Visible Veins

- In some patients, tiny veins under the lower eyelid may be visible because the skin is so thin in this area, it can be nearly transparent. This can be treated with hemorrhoid cream. (You read that right). This is because hemorrhoid cream constricts veins, thus lightening the color of the lower lids.

3.Ethnicity/Not getting enough rest

- Unfortunately, either from your ethnic background, or lack of sleep, dark circles under the eyes may be difficult to treat. The best strategy here may be simply a good makeup. (or more sleep, if you can get it!)

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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.