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Is Your Makeup Collection in Need of a Purge?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 26, 2020 / by Ashley O.


I, like so many others have tons of old makeup and skincare that I have accumulated over the years. I chose to take this time during quarantine to go through it and start tossing things out If it was more than a year or two old, no matter how much I spent on it or even if it was unopened.

Keep in mind all products have expiration dates and they can vary from as little as three months to a year.

I ended up filling almost an entire 13 gallon trash bag full of products and my hard earned money! It did feel good getting organized and throwing away products I may have been tempted to use but could have been harmful to my skin.

Let’s be real….Those MAC Barbie colors that I used when I was nineteen years old were absolutely not going to be making a come back so why in the world was I hanging on to them? It’s something to think about when as we continue to hold on to all of our old makeup and or skincare products for dear life way past their expiration dates. I mean, we certainly wouldn't eat or drink foods past their expiration date, so why chance it with our skin care and makeup.

Most makeup contains preservatives which helps it last longer but not forever. While all-natural makeup or skincare can be better for your skin it can also have an earlier expiration date. These expired products can become a breeding ground for bacteria and could cause more harm than good to our skin. It can cause serious problems such as irritation, dry patches, redness, excessive oil that can clog our pores, acne like bumps and adult acne.  For the more reactive skin you might even experience swelling, itchiness, rashes and blisters.

Eye makeup can cause infections such as pink eye and lipstick can even cause a reaction on our lips.

While I know it's hard to throw away your expensive expired products think of how expensive it is to fix problematic skin. Do your skin a favor and let go of anything that is beyond it's expiration date.

In addition to purging expired products, another thing you can do to keep your skin healthy and your makeup sanitary is to always clean your makeup brushes after each use, sharpen your eye and lip pencils after each use, throw away your mascara after two months and consider switching to mineral
based makeup. If you're interested in more information about makeup or skincare and starting fresh after your spring makeup/skincare clean-out please reach out to our office and we will be more than happy to help you and include 15% off SkinCeuticals and 15% Off Jane Iredale.

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Ashley O.

Written by Ashley O.