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We Catch Up with a Breast Augmentation Patient from 7 years Ago.

[fa icon="calendar"] January 2, 2018 / by Dr.J

Liz was a 98 Rock listener who called in when we were having a discussion about breast augmentation.

Her story was inspiring!  She was a single mom of two who had recently graduated college and was starting a new profession.  She was struggling with some self-confidence issues.  We decided to help her do something to boost her self-esteem and continue on her path to success.

Check out where Liz is now and how she feels about her Breast Augmentation 7 years later!


Was Breast Augmentation something you thought about a lot before calling into 98 Rock?

"Yes.   My breasts stopped growing at a 34 B and I always wanted to be a C or a D for myself, for my own self confidence.  I worked out and I would have loved it if I was bigger.  It was about myself, never for anyone else."


Is there anything particular you remember about your recovery?

"I took one day off from work, I didn't need the 3 days you recommended.  It didnt hurt very much, and the results were worth it!"

Has anything in your life changed as a result of your Breast Augmentation?


"Self Confidence!  I get more attention from the opposite sex, and it did what I needed to do for ME!

If I had to do it again , I would go even bigger!  And as I got used to them, they felt like they were a part of my body.  They look so natural, you wouldn't know I had them done.  I had no loss of sensation in my nipples either."

You have a 16 year old daughter. How did you explain your choice to have breast augmentation to her?

"I was honest with her.  I told her I wanted to have this done for me.  That I wanted this.  Honesty and explaining your point of view is important.  I told her I loved myself the way I was, but wanted this to enhance a part of me that needed some help!"

How was your overall experience with Dr. Horowitz and the staff?

"It was wonderful.  You all calmed any fears or worries I had.  Overall very fast, and nice experience. 

I recommend Dr. Horowitz to everyone!" 


We loved hearing how Liz's life has changed for the better since her surgery 7 years ago!  If you're looking for a similar experience, click below to save 15% on Breast Implant Surgery this month only!

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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.