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5 Reasons You Deserve A Breast Augmentation Expert

[fa icon="calendar"] September 27, 2015 / by Dr.J

Have you noticed lately that TV commmercials rarely talk about what makes their product better than the competition?  Car commercials show happy families on vacation but don't actually talk about the car.  Beer ads trumpet the new can their beer comes in but not the beer itself!  Style has triumphed over substance.

You may have also noticed that alot of Plastic Surgeons call themselves "experts" in breast augmentation but don't tell you why they deserve that moniker.

In that spirit, here's five actual reasons why you deserve a breast augmentation expert, like me.




  • We Have The Experience - I completed a one year fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery in Manhattan after completing my Plastic Surgery training.  I learned from some of the most accomplished cosmetic surgeons in the world.  In the 13 years since, I have gained experience in the subtleties of breast augmentation.  OK, But What Does This Mean to Me? - It means that patients benefit from my training with the best in the business and I know the little tricks of the trade that only come with experience.
  • We Use All Of The Implant Placement Techniques - Some surgeons may only offer you one incision placement because this is how they were trained and it is the only approach they are familiar with.  Unfortunately, there are clear advantages to one incision over the other based on the patient's anatomy, desired look, or both.  We offer our patients the axillary (underarm), infra-areolar or infra-mammary approaches.  OK, But What Does This Mean to Me?- It means that patients will get great results while minimizing and hiding the incisions as best as possible.
  • We Use 3-D Imaging Software - During our first meeting, I'll show you what your postop results will look like using our 3-D computer software.  This is a much more accurate way of deciding together on a specific size and shape of breast implant than simply putting a sample implant in your bra. (Although we can do this too, if you'd like!)  OK, But What Does This Mean to Me? - It means we have a much more precise way of choosing an implant size and shape, as opposed to stuffing an implant in a bra, where many different implants can look the same.
  • We Use The Right Implant For Each Patient - Some surgeons only use one type of implant for every patient.  In our practice, we match the right implant to your desires and anatomy.  There's so many choices available today - saline and silicone, shaped and round, textured and smooth, gummy bear and soft gel, low and high profile - that we have the ability to exactly match each patient's desires.  Furthermore, sometimes implants are better placed above the chest muscle and sometimes below.  It would be disappointing if a patient's options were to be limited by a surgeon's allegiance to a single type of implant or operative technique.  OK, But What Does This Mean to Me? - It means we can maximize the chances you will be happy with your results!
  • Your Recovery Time Will Be Minimized - Patients are understandably concerned about their breast augmentation recovery timeline.  Meticulous technique ensures less trauma and a quicker recovery.  We use Exparel (a long acting local anesthetic that lasts three days after your surgery) so your need for narcotics (like percocet) will be minimized.  Narcotics can make you dizzy, nauseated and constipated, so it's best to avoid them if possible.  You can return to work when your pain allows.  This is often as quick as three days.  Heavy exercise is allowed in 4 weeks after your procedure.  OK, But What Does This Mean to Me? - It means you can get back to your normal routine ASAP!

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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.