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4 Things You Can Do While Quarantined to Prep for Postponed Cosmetic Surgery

[fa icon="calendar"] April 15, 2020 / by Dr. Horowitz's Team

Quarantine can take many forms. Some of us are using this extra time at home to spring clean, spend more quality time with loved ones—whether virtually or safely in-person—or even learn a new hobby. However, if you had a cosmetic surgery or treatment scheduled for right about now, what you do at home now can make a significant difference in your healing and results come surgery time. 

1. Practice a Clean Diet

Clean up your diet. While indulging in comfort food seems like an easy option right about now, eating a balanced diet filled with vitamins and antioxidants is key to ensuring a healthy recovery. Bonus points for skipping the alcohol.

2. Stay Off The Couch

Maintaining a daily exercise and strengthening routine. All of the gyms throughout the nation have closed, now is the best time to take advantage of the tons of free online workout programs out there!


3. Sunscreen. Always.

Right now you may be spending more time outdoors, which is wonderful for your health, but please, DON'T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN. In the Spring the sun can feel mild, but that mild exposure is still capable of burning and damaging the skin. We recommend any of SkinCeuticals Brand Sunscreens, the light moisture UV defense SPF 50 is a broad spectrum, oil free sunscreen for face and body that also feels weightless. 

You can purchase this and more at: https://refer.skinceuticals.com/213366

4. Positive Mental Attitude 

Take time for yourself and keep a positive mindset, in whatever way you find helpful for you. Whether that looks like a morning meditation session, watching your favorite movie in the evening or carving time each week to call someone close to your heart, caring for your mind will make a world of a difference both now and later.

Dr. Horowitz's Team

Written by Dr. Horowitz's Team