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Why Should you get a VI Peel?

[fa icon="calendar"] September 30, 2017 / by Stacey Edgar


This month's SkinCare spotlight is on VI Peels and why they are so popular. 

The NEW VI Peel Precision Plus is a significant advancement in the fight against hyperpigmentation and enviornmentally stressed skin.  It reverses sun damage while brightening and smoothing out the skin texture and appearance.  The newest VI Peel conatins Lighten and Brighten boosters that effectively penetrates damaged areas, promotes rapid cell turnover, diminishes pigmentation and restores skin to its natural health. 
The peel is done right in our office and doesn't require any anesthesia.  Downtime is limited - you can expect some peeling starting 48 hours after the treatment, which will last two to three days.  Brighter, smoother, younger looking skin awaits!


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Stacey Edgar

Written by Stacey Edgar

Stacey Edgar is a member of The Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists and has been a Licensed Aesthetician for nearly 30 years. She brings her expertise to our skin care team.