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Top 5 Reasons to NOT get Cosmetic Surgery

[fa icon="calendar"] September 20, 2017 / by Dr.J

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For a change of pace, in today's post, I'm going to address the common reasons people give to hold off on getting cosmetic surgery.  I'll address each one, then explain why that's just crazy talk.

1. It's Vain. - This is probably the most common reason for people to avoid having a cosmetic procedure.  It's perfectly normal, not vain, to want to look and feel your best.

2. It's Superficial. - I would argue that cosmetic surgery can have more profound effects on a person's well being than simply skin deep.  When you feel good about yourself, you feel more confident and happy.  Once you feel this way, who knows what that can lead to?

If you don't buy that argument, I could also make the case that you should be honest with yourself and admit if something about your appearance bothers you.  If that is the case, you have two options - Live your whole life letting this thing bother you, or do something about it.  Even if the thing that bothers you is truly "superficial", why let a superficial thing bother you and diminish your joy in life?  Especially when its so easy to fix it and move on?

3. Now's Not the Right Time. - See the inspirational quote above.  There's always something else going on and there's never going to be a perfect time to do it.  You just have to pick the best time to do it.  Many patients are pleasantly suprised how easy the recovery from cosmetic surgery is and how quickly they can get back to their usual routines.

4. It's Dangerous.  - Anesthesia has progressed to the point where it would be extremely unusual for a healthy person to have a problem resulting from going to sleep.  Everyone I operate on undergoes bloodwork and preoperative medical screening to ensure there are no issues.

In addition, many procedures do not require general anesthesia.  Some minor procedures can be done in the office under topical or local anesthesia.  Other procedures require an O.R. setting, but can be accomplished under IV sedation, rather than full general anesthesia.

As far as complications from the procedures themselves, a recent study estimated the overall risk of major compliactions from cosmetic surgery to be only 1.4%.

5. It's Too Expensive. - To this concern, I would say that it comes as a surprise to many that the average household income of patients that get a cosmetic procedure is in the low 50K's.  Some noninvasive procedures, such as injectables, may be more affordable than you think.  It's not uncommon for patients in the office to be pleasantly surprised when they see a surgery quote, because they naturally assumed that the price would be astronomical.  What's more, we participate with Care Credit, which provides loans for cosmetic procedures.

On a more philosophic note, how can you put a price tag on something that can be so life changing as a cosmetic procedure?  Think about what material objects cost - a big screen TV or the newsest Apple product.  Do these things really change your life for the better?  Isn't something like cosmetic surgery that has such a positive impact on every aspect of your life worth it?

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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.