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"I Wanted My Outside to Reflect the Energy I Have on the Inside"

[fa icon="calendar"] September 30, 2017 / by Dr.J

 Susan was kind enough to share her story with us.  She described how she has been a physically active  high-energy person her whole life, and decided in her 50s that she wanted her outside appearance to match how she feels on the inside.

" I eat a balanced low carb diet, I'm in the gym 4 times a week, I take hot yoga classes weekly, use kettle bells, roller blade, kayak, ski, and, most recently, zip line.  I have traveled  (usually solo!) all over the world, Egypt, Israel,Russia, Tibet, and Africa just to name a few.  I have a sense of adventure and curiosity about life, and it's probably this world view that led me to plastic surgery as I got older.

I always had a strong beliefsusan head shot-1.jpgthat we should be the best that we can be and use everything at our disposal to maintain a youthful appearance, and that the outside should be a reflection of the inside.  I met Dr. Horowitz in my 50's and had a face lift.  Now that I'm 66, I'm told I can pass for late 40 to early 50ties, and that's just fine with me!  I see no benefit in the aging process!
I just accepted a position as an executive director in an assisted living facility and I honestly don't think I would have gotten this position if I looked old or tired.  Granted not everyone wants to jump into a high pressured job at this stage of life , but I feel this also keeps me young.
susan rocks.jpg
Although I have always been very active, my body contours did not reflect my hard work so I changed my contours with liposuction.  Yes, lipo can be uncomfortable, but a week of discomfort is well worth fantastic contours for the rest of my life.  Once the fat cells are gone, they don't come back, and it's a beautiful thing to be able to look good in whatever clothes you enjoy wearing.

I have Dr Horowitz to thank for the way I look.  Nowadays, I continue to see him 1-2 x a year for fillers and Botox, and plan to continue to look great through out the rest of my life.  My body is my vehicle, and I continue to care for it in the manner to which it's become accustomed."


We are so excited to see where Susan's travels will take her next! 



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Written by Dr.J

Dr.Jeffrey Horowitz is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon committed to his patients' health and beauty.